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Tom-PC (Desktop PC)

Processor:Intel® Core™ i3-2100 [3M Cache, 3.10 GHz] >>>>>>>>>>>>> Eladva!
Memory:Kingston 3x2GB 1333 Mhz
Videocard:Sapphire Radeon R9 280X Vapor-X Tri-X OC With Boost (UEFI) (11221-12-40G)
Op. system:Windows 7 64bit [Ultimate]
Motherboard:ASRock B75 Pro3-M >>>>>>>>>>>>> Eladva!
Store device:Toshiba 1TB 64MB 7200rpm SATA3
PC Case:Thermaltake V4 Black Edition
Power supply:Chieftec 600W Smart
Monitor:Fujitsu Siemens l20w-1
Refreshed: 2015. 10. 24.
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