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Vigors and Weapons - Bioshock Infinite

by MuneebSalman1999, 2014. January 02., game review
Game: BioShock Infinite

A review on Vigors and Weapons of Bioshock Infinite, Most beautiful game of the year. Also nominated as best game of year in PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 Consoles.

I had already written about the storyline in detail in previous review (click here).

So now we will be discussing the game's weapons and vigors. Well, everyone of us know what a weapon is but the question is, What is vigor? Vigor is one of the things that makes Bioshock Infinite different than any other FPS game. In the gameplay a vigor is a special power which we use against the enemies. There are different vigors having different functions and specialties. The names of all the vigors are, Possession, Devil's Kiss, Murder of Crows, Shock Jokey, Return to the Sender, Bucking Bronco, Undertow and Charge. Other than vigors there are also many interesting and good looking weapons like Pistol, Hand Cannon, Machine Gun, Carbine, RPG, Sniper, Burstgun, Repeater, Shotgun, Crankgun, VolleyGun, Hailfire, Heater and a melee Skyhook.

Now first let's discuss weapons.

First the pistol. Pistol is a simple small range weak weapon but has abundant ammo and a good accuracy.
Hand Cannon is like a revolver with mid range and high damage but long reload time and small mag which decreases its efficiency.
Machine Gun is also a good weapon with burst mode and abundant mags but its recoiling makes it hard for ranged targets.
Carbine is single shot precision gun with long range, high damage but more recoil which makes it hard to use. But if you buy no recoil upgrade then it's a very effective weapon.
RPG is a rocket launcher which is low in amount but is very effective. I always keep an RPG with me.
Sniper is long range weapon but it is useless in most cases as enemy come from all direction and you don't have time to aim and shoot so sniper is not very effective.
Burstgun is a three shot burst type gun with a zoom scope for better aiming but I never liked 3 shot burst.
Repeater is like machine gun but has large mags than that of machine gun but also has more recoil.
Shotgun is low ranged weapon with high damage. It is very good but due to its low range it is not used very much.
Crankgun is like an LMG or a Chopper gun which spins and shoots. It is ranged and effective but before shooting it spins which wastes a lot of time and also don't offer much accuracy.
VolleyGun shoots small bombs which make less damage but unlike RPG it shoots in form of bursts.
Hailfire is also like Volleygun and has approximately the same specs.
Heater is a burning shot gun with very low capacity and low range but very effective like the shotgun. But unlike shotgun it produces fire every time we shoot. But still the low range problem makes it useless.
Skyhook is a knife like thing which Booker steals from police. He uses this hook to hang with skylines and also uses this as a melee weapons and kills enemies with no mercy.

Now after weapons let's take a look the most unique feature of the game i.e. vigors. Every vigor also creates a trap which gets activated after an enemy steps on it. Salt is very important for vigors in game. Vigors consume salts on activation.

Possessions is the first vigor which take control of enemies as well as of machines to help player. There's an upgrade for possession due to which enemy suicide after its effect is finished. Strong enemies like Patriots and Handyman are immune to this vigor.

Devil's Kiss is a fire ball used by Booker. It effects a large area and spreads fire and causes damage to the enemies. Its upgrade increases its damage and area of effect. Patriots and Handyman have low damage with this vigor.

Murder of Crows is very effective vigor which summons a number of crows on enemies in range of vigor and confuse the enemies. Its upgrade changes the killed enemies into crow traps and also increases damage. Patriot is immune to this vigor but it is effective against Handyman.

Shock Jockey is a vigor which sends an electrical wave. It is effective against Patriots and Handyman but has small area of effect. Its upgrade enables a player to switch its effect from one enemy to another.

Return to the sender is also an effective vigor which shields enemy attacks and throw them back in form of a bomb. Its upgrade convert the enemy's attack into player's ammunition. It consumes a lot of salt.

Bucking Bronco is also a good vigor which makes an enemy fly into air. You can kill the enemy in that time. Its upgrade can switch its effect from one enemy to another. It is useless against Patriot and Handyman.

Undertow is also a good vigor it takes the player to the enemies. Holding it makes the enemy come to player. Undertow is useless against Patriot and Handyman.

Charge is last and most useless vigor. It makes the player go flying to make a melee attack on enemy which is completely useless.

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