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Comments: 24
bagusprs avatar
2016. 05. 28. 12:15:54
mmm yes
i know that references B-)
Skyler avatar
2016. 05. 28. 12:06:45
Dating a single mother:

It’s like continuing from somebody else’s saved game. :?
Gamer A avatar
2016. 05. 28. 08:00:24
i think
THUNDERkurt avatar
2016. 05. 28. 07:01:13
Who's the funniest guy in this site?
Gamer A avatar
2016. 05. 27. 04:19:26
Ha ha
Skyler avatar
2016. 05. 26. 19:29:19
You know when you walk into a room and forget why you went in there?

That’s God playing Sims, he just cancelled your action.
vikas2000 avatar
2013. 12. 08. 14:09:26
very very nice:?
tomcat3 avatar
2013. 12. 07. 15:50:39
@Asdfgamer very very nice :?
@sujith s right
sujith s avatar
2013. 12. 07. 13:54:30
the greatest misunderstanding of teachers in school and colleges
sending students out of class is a punishment.
Adityasingh18 avatar
2013. 12. 07. 13:18:32
@Adsgamer Nice.:D
Asdfgamer avatar
2013. 12. 07. 12:24:37
Girl said: Dad, I'm in love with a
boy who is far away from me. I
am in India and he lives in Alaska.
We met on a dating website,
became friends on facebook, had
long chats on whatsapp, he
proposed to me on skype, and
now we've had 2 months of
relationship through Viber.
I need your blessings and good
wishes, daddy.
Dad said: Wow! Really!! Then get
married on twitter, have fun on
Buy your kids on e-bay, receive
them through gmail.
And if you are fed up with your
husband...sell him on Amazon.
sujith s avatar
2013. 12. 06. 10:56:31
ha ha nice
Asdfgamer avatar
2013. 12. 04. 12:25:21
Read till end to enjoy
A man ordered for a voice
automated robot car that does
anything he tells it to do correctly
without any error.
He got the car and started
sending it on errands. He
became very proud of what the
car could do without
One day, he was home and his
wife told him to tell the car
to go and pick the children from
school as she was very
The man agreed and said to the
car- Car, go and bring my
children from school.
The car went and didn't return in
time as expected, they
knew something must be wrong.
Several hours later and no car, the
man became
He dressed up and got ready to
lodge a report at the
police station.
As he and his wife stepped
outside they saw the car
coming with an overload of
The car parked right in front of
them and said; "These are
your children sir".
In the car were their Landlady's
two daughters, their
maid's two sons, his wife's best
friend's daughter, his
secretary's son and their
neighbours two sons.
The Wife said; Don't tell me all
these are your children ?.
The man asked her calmly; Can
you first tell me why our
children are not in the car ?. ...
sujith s avatar
2013. 11. 27. 14:22:17
a man received an unkown call...
girl:hello do u have a gf??
man:no,who r u darling?
girl:m ur gf diana ,hate u

again man got a call
girl:Do u have a gf?
man:yes darling
girl:m ur wife alice , hate u
man: oh sorry honey i didnt recognise u
girl: m diana i knew it that u have a wife,hate u liar....
JamesBond000001 avatar
2013. 08. 24. 09:22:32
sujith s avatar
2013. 08. 21. 10:56:44
no i didnt edited it. i think any staff.
JamesBond000001 avatar
2013. 08. 21. 03:53:50
I Dont Know
Any Staff Member Because I Cant
And You Can Also EDIT IT
sujith s avatar
2013. 08. 20. 10:53:58
hey who corrected my joke
JamesBond000001 avatar
2013. 08. 20. 09:34:10
@sujith s
Its Ok Man
sujith s avatar
2013. 08. 19. 13:23:12
ohh shit thats a mistakd. thankz man.typing mistake
JamesBond000001 avatar
2013. 08. 19. 12:37:08
@sujith s
Old Age Is A Bit Wrong
Time+Money But No Energy
sujith s avatar
2013. 08. 19. 11:04:20
3 life stages-
teenage:have time + energy but no money
working age:money + energy but no time
old age:time+money but no energy
JamesBond000001 avatar
2013. 08. 19. 02:48:47
If You Were Twice As Smart You Would Still Be Stupid :D
Silkmoth avatar
2013. 08. 18. 16:22:07
Where is ur sence of humour. ;D
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