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What do you want to be when you grow up?
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Comments: 16
SamX avatar
2016. 02. 22. 06:30:48 #
And 3 hardware engineers. XD ;)
sandipbiswas420 avatar
2016. 02. 21. 19:25:46 #
BestKiller avatar
2016. 02. 21. 18:12:47 #
i want to be a game developer ;)
SamX avatar
2016. 01. 12. 12:34:55 #
I want to be a game developer. :D
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 09. 16. 09:21:57 #
You go to a Game Developer University.
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 16. 03:04:40 #
Jackie is asking you about game animators, programmers etc. And how to be one of them.
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 09. 15. 16:19:44 #
No, they are game developers. Usually a big game is made by a big team or a smaller one, depending by case. And in that team there are different people with different jobs. And there are maybe some software engineers too there, but usually Software Engineers make software for different machines, not games.
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 09. 15. 16:07:42 #
Those who makes games are they software engineer?
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 09. 13. 15:53:24 #
You know that, that's confidential stuff, no?
You can always look up on Google.
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 13. 14:28:56 #
Can you post about your job and salary
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 09. 13. 12:01:45 #
Yeah software knowledge is totally different. Software engineering is when you do software, when you program it, knowledge is only using a program/software to work.

In terms of difficulty, both Software Engineering and Hardware Engineering is very hard, but Hardware Engineering is payed more.
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 13. 11:13:15 #
Software knowladge and software engineering not same i don't know your country bt internationaly two salary almost same but i don't know which is easy
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 09. 13. 09:53:52 #
You only think it's easy.
It's one of the hardest engineering out there. It's the hardest to learn and master!
If you CAN finish hardware engineering you can finish everything!
And Hardware Engineers get 10x the salary of a Software Engineer.

In order to master Hardware Engineering, you first have to master Software Engineering, because you NEED to know how to program to be able to do Hardware Engineering.

You need to be very very very good in Math, Physics, Electronics, Mechanics, Robotics, Technical Drawing, Programming, Material Science and many others, but these are required to complete your studies.

I know all of this, because I myself am a Hardware Engineer student and have already 3 years of work experience so I perfectly know what I'm talking about.
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 07. 16:14:57 #
Yeah boring but software engineer is most demanding and most paid and you can outsourcing with it. Hardware engineer is easy so it is not boring.
iGhosT avatar
2014. 09. 07. 14:19:08 #
i am going in computer hardware engineer coz i don't like software engineering much(boring)
sakif avatar
2014. 09. 07. 13:34:09 #
I am interested about pc, gaming, software etc:)
Next year i have to chose my first step of career.
Which destination is best?
Software enginear or computer engineer or something else.
And also tell what's your wish?
How much do you spend per month on video games?

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