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What do you think about pirating games? Is it fair?
What are your opinions about pirating games? Is it a right thing to do?
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Comments: 19
TrueSW avatar
2016. 02. 26. 08:47:28 #
Downloading it from websites is fair cause usually(maybe most of the time)you will get virus.....i like parated games fron cd cause its fair, no virus and a game with cheap price, original games from the developers is like a rooftop buster price
BestKiller avatar
2016. 02. 19. 13:25:58 #
Pirating games its very very good ;)
human_augmentation avatar
2016. 02. 16. 03:22:55 #
I just download Game from Other Site because i want to reassure that game is worth to buy...

my first pirated game is Counter Strike After 5 Year I Bought from Steam
Dark Hunter2 avatar
2016. 02. 13. 01:52:26 #
why not? for me This is more than fair!
BestKiller avatar
2016. 02. 08. 20:51:23 #
Shadow Gamer avatar
2016. 02. 08. 20:48:39 #
I hate Denuvo! X-( now we need Assassin's not only Pirates. X-(
BestKiller avatar
2016. 02. 08. 19:23:03 #
OMG :o
Denuvo ._. YOURS The worst nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SamX avatar
2016. 02. 08. 18:38:52 #
Read this article. http://www.gamesp…05-10aaa0a
Piracy might end by 2018!
AlyesRock avatar
2016. 02. 08. 15:50:05 #
oh! nooo!! :o :(
SamX avatar
2016. 02. 08. 15:46:32 #
It's not a good news for teenage gamers, who can't afford to buy every game they want to play. :(
SamX avatar
2016. 02. 08. 15:10:57 #
Some pirating agencies are giving up the fight. Maybe developers have made a very strong anti-piracy technology, that just can't be cracked.
Lumpen avatar
2015. 11. 26. 00:54:37 #
for those who have financial situation problems in real life pirated games are not crime.

but if you buy original release you will help and support the developers and play multiplayer for free. :)

winrar avatar
2015. 11. 17. 21:27:02 #
Until I will be a child I can't buy all games what I want to play. I usually by Multiplayer games.
And what can be worse than you bought a game on a full price and you didn't like it?

Although piracy isn't right, but it's still good.
If you can do it, support the game developers by buying a game. If you haven't got money, than just play the game and be happy that you can play it "free".
BestKiller avatar
2015. 11. 17. 21:19:28 #
well sure its not a crime :)
BestKiller avatar
2015. 11. 17. 14:17:24 #
i think no problem with pirated games , some players maybe they are so poor
they cant buy games we can but they cant

i think its a good way to let them have fun and enjoy the newest games :)

im the first one because i just play pirated games XD

so no problem with that
SamX avatar
2015. 11. 17. 13:29:19 #
There are many teenagers in the world who love playing games on PC but they don't have the money to buy them and their parents don't think that games are a good thing for their child. If pirated games are gone their only hope will be gone as well. They will then just forget about gaming. And the world will lose many gamers who had the potentials to enhance the gaming world.
sandipbiswas420 avatar
2015. 11. 16. 19:22:37 #
I think pirated games is also good for poor countries. me belongs from india. which is semi poor or poor. i also used to play pirated games.have many players from Asia,Africa,america also cant buy games cause heavy cost.
For them pirated games is the way of happiness.
AlyesRock avatar
2015. 11. 14. 19:29:19 #
@Fasy X exactly! B-)
Fasy X avatar
2015. 11. 14. 16:42:28 #
According to my opinion, pirating games is just fine as a source of income for many individuals!!!
I don't think they are really suffered a lot from pirating as now days gaming industry is really becoming a huge big 1
And at last many gamers able to play many more games (bcoz of pirated game)

Happy GamerS :)
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