Are you planning to exchange your CPU for an AMD Ryzen processor?
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bambam112686 avatar
41 days ago | 2017. 05. 14. 04:26:12
Yes, I will definitely be upgrading to an AM4 mobo so I can buy a Ryzen 7.................. as soon as my bank about rebounds from the $700 I just spent on twin RX 480s.............. I love AMD processors and the outreach they are doing to companies to ensure optimization for their new processors............. the only Intel chip Ive ever really like was the Q6600 C2Q, as I could push it to almost 4.0 GHz without even needing a liquid cooler. Probably the most stable processor ever built, but the potential of these Ryzens is great............... for the time being, I will keep my FX-8350 but will have to save due to having to buy a whole new motherboard (and having to jump from DDR3 RAM to DDR4)............

I was always taught by my professor in college to never invest in the first generation of anything hardware related.............. everything will have bugs and optimization issues the first go around..............
Moon_Breaker avatar
61 days ago | 2017. 04. 24. 09:28:27
Ahhahahaha... No.
SamX avatar
65 days ago | 2017. 04. 20. 13:35:08
Performance will definitely improve in future. Because at this time, games don't capitalise on the number of physical cores but the speed/frequency of them. But now high-performance multi-core CPUs are available to public for a affordable price, thanks to Ryzen. So game developers' will surely try to take advantage of this situation.

Btw, AMD partnered with Bethesda to make sure that there will be games on market optimised especially for Ryzen CPUs.
Connor18 avatar
75 days ago | 2017. 04. 10. 15:03:46
Yup. They failed their expectation I guess. But in future they might improve performance
bagusprs avatar
75 days ago | 2017. 04. 10. 13:32:00
if i want to build gaming pc.. i will not going to use ryzen for the brain.. coz this thing is not built for gaming.
but amd fx should be fine..
Skyler avatar
75 days ago | 2017. 04. 10. 09:05:44
Nope, FX 8350 and I5-2500K are both still amazing (will last till 2020 at least) for gaming and they both cost 150$ each. Me no like these new expensive things. XD
Connor18 avatar
75 days ago | 2017. 04. 10. 07:50:53
At the moment supporting Intel isn't the right thing because they have mislead people. It's best to wait who deserves it
toceto avatar
75 days ago | 2017. 04. 10. 07:33:08
Maybe I will in the future, but now , I'm saving up to buy a 1050 Ti. My graphics card isn't upgraded since 2008
SamX avatar
76 days ago | 2017. 04. 09. 16:42:40
No, I'm not planning to exchange my CPU for an AMD Ryzen processor. Because I only use my PC for gaming and (so far) Ryzen isn't the best for gaming.