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Street Fighter x Tekken
Street Fighter x Tekken
Release Date: 2012. May 11. Popularity: ~400# ■
SRI: 15 (Very low)
Sys. Req.
Minimum System Requirements:Recommended System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Dual Core 1.8GHz (or higher) or AMD Athlon II X2 (or higher)
CPU:Intel Core2 Duo 2.60GHz (or higher) or AMD Phenom II X2 (or higher)
1GB (or higher)
VGA: nVidia GF6600 (or higher) or ATi X1600 (or higher) with 256MB of RAM
VGA:nVidia GF8800 (or higher) or ATi X1950 (or higher) with 512MB of RAM
DX: 9.0c
Windows XP
Windows Vista, 7
HDD: 10GB of free space
HDD:10GB of free space
Sound: DirectSound compatible, DirectX 9.0c (or higher) compatible
Sound:DirectSound compatible, DirectX 9.0c (or higher) compatible
Network: Online play requires software installation of and log-in to Games For Windows - LIVE
Network:Online play requires software installation of and log-in to Games For Windows - LIVE
Note: Minimum Requirements at 800x600 resolution @ 30FPS) Recommended Requirements at 1280x720 resolution @ 60FPS)
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Games with similar system requirements:Assassin's Creed II, Overlord II, Bulletstorm, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Forsaken World, Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Street Fighter IVStreet Legal Racing: Redline
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2013. 12. 29. 14:55:15 #
shoting games, sports games , some racing games not nfs
2013. 12. 29. 14:44:03 #
man you are so pickyTongue
2013. 12. 29. 14:35:17 #
i dont like this type games Tongue Laughing hard
2013. 12. 29. 13:35:58 #
1.Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst
2.Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
3.Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
4.Street Fighter X Tekken
5.Injustice Gods Among Us
2013. 12. 29. 12:38:48 #
yes, the best fighting game for u...
2013. 12. 29. 12:36:25 #
uhhh you mean another like fighting game genre or??
2013. 12. 29. 12:03:55 #
@Magnum21 can u tell me wich is the best game for you i mean for games like: tekken, street fighter, mortal kombat......
2013. 12. 29. 11:05:53 #
Waiting for Tekken X Street Fighter
2013. 09. 14. 09:27:09 #
Mid Smiley
Have A Good Day
2013. 08. 13. 19:44:05 #
can i play this game on my pc
my spec:

core 2 duo e8400 3.00Ghz processor
3gb ram
nvidia geforce gt 210 1gb with ddr3

and if can on which settings
2013. 07. 31. 11:47:49 #
you remind me about some ask how to download more storage space on yahoo
gt210 is a realistic objective, not a digita file....
2013. 07. 31. 06:48:18 #
hmmm KEN is the best fighter , oh poison you are so sexy love you Laughing aniTongueWinkLaughing soft
2013. 07. 22. 07:27:33 #
i have a problem also in running this game , dual 2core 1.8ghz,gt210 vram, 4gb ram,window 7, i dont have nvidia how can i download the required nvidia for this game pls
2013. 06. 24. 11:26:04 #
@MuneebSalman1999, no
2013. 06. 24. 03:26:40 #
is tekken 6 in pc?
2013. 06. 18. 19:22:51 #
u welcome
2013. 06. 18. 18:18:53 #
@faizan ahmed, i think you are right, since i installed my window 8 i have not update the framework, thanks to you
2013. 06. 18. 17:11:48 #
it happe ns when ur direct x is & net framwork i nt compatable with the game update both and reinstall the game Smiley
2013. 06. 18. 13:50:29 #
Am having problem in running this game, any time i run it is display this message fatal error i don't what to do please help my spec are,
dual 2 core 1.8ghz, gt210 2gb vram, 4gb ram, widow 8 pro 64bit
2013. 05. 11. 07:57:54 #
wow nice game
love u poison Laughing hard
2012. 05. 07. 20:50:45 #
AMD FX-4100 3.8GHZ
2012. 05. 03. 14:11:05 #
Can't wait any longer for the releaseLaughing soft
2012. 04. 27. 09:26:41 #
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