How did you become a gamer?
When and how did you first met a PC game?
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SamX avatar
6 months ago | 2020. 07. 11. 06:24:10
I still wonder to this day what my life would be like if I never made that visit or the ball never punctured...

That gives me an idea of a thread but since we can't create new ones, here goes:

How'd your life be if you never discovered gaming?
BestKiller avatar
4 years ago | 2016. 09. 01. 07:20:12
Yeah good XD

For me 4 years old playing hhh :P
SamX avatar
5 years ago | 2015. 12. 08. 22:00:22
I was about 8 years old when I first saw a PC game at my cousin's neighbour's home. Me, my cousin and his neighbour (who was about 15) were playing with a football. Accidentally the ball got punctured and then the neighbour brought us to his computer. From then gaming is everything for me.

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