Fallout Shelter released on Steam
by SamX, 2017. March 30., news

The PC version of Bethesda's successful mobile game, Fallout Shelter, is now available on Steam. The game is free-to-play with optional micro-transactions. And it'll support Steam Achievements (35 at launch) and Cloud Saves.

If you have no idea about what this game is about, then here goes - "Fallout Shelter puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault from Vault-Tec. Build the perfect Vault, keep your Dwellers happy, and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland."

Grab it on Steam.

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Comments: 4
SamX avatar
2 years ago | 2017. 03. 30. 19:09:53
Unfortunately it's not available for Windows Phone. :( But since it is available on Steam now, I'll try it soon. :)
warlord1989 avatar
2 years ago | 2017. 03. 30. 14:16:50
I played the mobile version but it gets boring quickly :D
Attila-13 avatar
2 years ago | 2017. 03. 30. 10:55:59
That's highly unlikely...
McPlayer avatar
2 years ago | 2017. 03. 30. 08:42:23
And will be released to Switch???

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