Free-to-play battle royale Radical Heights revealed
System Requirements, 2018. April 09., news

Last week Boss Key Productions admitted that LawBreakers had failed to find an audience, so they will be focusing on other projects. Today, Cliff Bleszinski's studio has revealed Radical Heights. It's a free-to-play battle royale shooter with an '80s aesthetic and it's coming to Steam Early Access tomorrow.

The game's creative director Zach Lowery said in a statement: "This is a five month passion project for the studio as we're creating and publishing the game entirely by ourselves. We're huge fans of Battle Royale games along with the bright, inviting irreverence of the '80s aesthetic. Because of that, we want to put our own spin on the genre and create a futuristic '80s world that takes place in 2023 during an over-the-top game show where contestants battle it out for fame and prizes."

Radical Heights will launch on Steam Early Access on April 10. A reveal trailer was also released. You can watch the video below.

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Comments: 3
Skyler avatar
1 year ago | 2018. 04. 10. 16:51:07
Oh well, seems like we are witnessing the rising dawn of the new MP era. How long will it last? 5-10 years? XD
bagusprs avatar
1 year ago | 2018. 04. 10. 04:02:40
they keep coming .. plss stopp..
AlyesRock avatar
1 year ago | 2018. 04. 10. 00:45:21
what's up with all the battle royale games these days? :P

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