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System Requirements, 2016. March 02., news

The site's game review section has been renewed. To be more precise, the old submit-based game review section has been replaced by a free edit-based section. Every member has the opportunity to write game review by using the usual BB codes as well as some extra ones. This new editing option applies only to the recently submitted game reviews.

Further information in connection with editing game review:

* The game reviews have to be the writer's own work, they mustn't correspond to any part of other reviews' texts. Reviews which are against the rules will be deleted and the user will get a warning. Besides, we will not accept any further review from the user.
* Keep in mind that your subjective and personal opinion is important in addition to game analysis. Please do not spoiler the story, mention only the beginning of it.
* Game reviews which do not reach the minimum characters of 1200 will not be published. They will automatically be saved as drafts.
* Game reviews of high standard will be published on the Main, in menu point Reviews and on the profile related to a game, as well.
* Try to pick a creative title for your review. Do not use the expression review and the game name in the title of game review. The site will automatically show the proper game.
* You can place a maximum of 6 images and a self-made YouTube video per game review.
* The images appear by means of only one tag [img], on the basis of the order of images.
* Place the caption right after the tag [img]: [img][caption]text[caption]

Have a good writing time! And of course, remember to share your reviews on social media.

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Comments: 2
BestKiller avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 03. 03. 10:14:37
nice news :)
SamX avatar
2 years ago | 2016. 03. 03. 10:09:28
Good, :) the site is getting better. :D

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