Nvidia's latest driver improves DirectX 12 performance
by SamX, 2017. March 10., news

Nvidia released "Game Ready" 378.78 driver to deliver optimal performance for Ghost Recon Wildlands and DirectX 12. Nvidia is claiming an average of 16% improvement in DX 12. With Rise of the Tomb Raider getting a massive 33% improvement but The Division getting a mere 4% improvement. While DX 12 exclusive Gears of War 4 gets a 9% FPS boost. The benchmark result released by Nvidia is below:

Besides of DirectX 12, this driver makes sure that gamers get the most performance out of Ubisoft's cooperative tactical shooter, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. It also adds Ansel support to the game. Not only that, 378.78 driver will act as the launch driver for GeForce GTX 1080Ti, the new Nvidia flagship.

You can grab the driver from here.

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McPlayer avatar
1 year ago | 2017. 03. 11. 13:18:44
I stay install too and really improves my fps :D i like it too much :D
BestKiller avatar
1 year ago | 2017. 03. 10. 22:05:13
Good i just installed this one...

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