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darkvoid avatar
7 years ago | 2011. 07. 05. 16:29:28
hmm i think when i overclock my HD 5570 should be near like that also i have the version with faster memory means instead of DRR3 i have GDRR5 memory so i think it will run like yours i know that cause my graphic card is similar to a 9600 gt and the GDDR5 version is even little better than the 9600 gt

hmm no i didnt try fear 3 so far only games like Black OPS, Homefront, Crysis 2 so far but i guess if i can run those games and it can run gmales like medal of honot battfeiled bad company 2 it should run with fear 3 on mimimum if i set it right means vsnyc off, shadows of not over medium settings and stuff also Antiailasing off if i have a chance to get the game from someone or a demo i will let you know
no avatar
7 years ago | 2011. 06. 26. 08:39:45
My GPU is a bit overclocked :) Just in case. My 9600m GT = 9700m GT
darkvoid avatar
7 years ago | 2011. 06. 25. 22:15:41
well if fear3 runs on your pc it will run on mine too

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