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Comments: 20
AlyesRock avatar
2016. 03. 03. 23:44:16 #
happy birthday! :)
SamX avatar
2016. 03. 03. 19:45:13 #
Happy birthday! :)
Tyrion Lannister avatar
2016. 03. 03. 17:57:37 #
Happy birthday!
sakif avatar
2015. 10. 28. 02:06:46 #
I did not visit this website these days. One of the big reason is this website sucks in mobile. Android phone.:P
sakif avatar
2015. 10. 14. 09:08:29 #
sakif avatar
2015. 01. 25. 12:53:52 #
What is this?
Which language it is:o
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 12. 22. 10:44:28 #
Level 0 :o
ha...ha...ha....... XD
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 24. 04:52:26 #
Ow, shit:( warning
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 11. 18. 22:27:55 #
He is the one.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 18. 14:44:54 #
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 11. 18. 11:39:04 #
Sorry, the headmaster is the one who is reviewing the submissions.
Ask him.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 18. 06:09:42 #
Oh, you didn't belive me! I can't share you link of cracked game. I am sending you a pm.
hasibk01 avatar
2014. 11. 18. 05:07:48 #
Ki sakif mia tumi fifa 15 r lords of fallen kelso with crack dia??seta ki bastobe naki sawpne???chapabaji kom koro.besi pontid sajte mana korsi.
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 11. 14. 10:55:53 #
I don't know whatever you typed there, but stop the arguing.
Both of you.
sakif avatar
2014. 11. 13. 14:18:25 #
@jackie you shouldn't do that bcuz your ram is slower than your vram
hasibk01 avatar
2014. 11. 13. 09:37:43 #
Ha ha ha ....
Jackie33 avatar
2014. 11. 13. 09:30:04 #
Should i share 1gb ram as vram?
Attila-13 avatar
2014. 10. 02. 10:06:17 #
Yes, that warning was for insulting members and the messages were deleted.
And let me tell you. We here don't tolerate bad language between users. So if you have a stupid spoiled brat remark about someone, just keep it to yourself and leave the others alone.
You're only 15..IF that age is correct and you think that your on the top of the world. Open your eyes and come back to reality and behave like a mature person, not like a spoiled brat.
And no, you won't get any points back, you'll get one more warning for hate speech and other insults. And if you continue I'll ban you, because if you don't follow the rules, you support the consequences!
If you don't like something, then it can be told and done nicely and politely, not blown out raging thinking that you'll get somewhere, no if you act like that you'll get another punishment, so keep this in mind when you're posting your next comment.
hamza5433 avatar
2014. 09. 06. 13:21:59 #
You Play Assassin's Creed 4?
Does it lag?
What your Pc Specs?
A123 avatar
2014. 08. 08. 10:21:26 #
we think that u made ur games in future ..hope soooo:)
How much do you spend per month on video games?

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