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7 months ago | 2020. 09. 16. 12:20:29
Yes, CPU performance is indeed tied to both the number of (physical) cores (and logical threads) and their frequencies. Currently, for gaming, you'd want to get at least 4 physical cores with frequencies as high as possible. While some other applications, mostly related to content creation, can work with slower cores (i.e. having less frequency) but they require a hefty number of them.

As for motherboards, it can depend on various factors. That includes the number of ports, like SATA, M.2, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 etc. Their build quality, whether they can reliably work with overclocked components. Whether they come with on-board cards, quality of thermal sensors to monitor temperatures and various other technical qualities (like the types of capacitors used). Usually, the more you pay the better you get.
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7 months ago | 2020. 09. 16. 08:33:34
So I’m not trying to build a new rig just wondering as it’s unclear to me, I can easily understand the differences between GPU’s, it has pretty basic hierarchy, other PC parts are also simple and straightforward.

But I can’t seem to understand the difference between motherboards?

I always see people recommending this mobo over that because it has better VRM’s or performs better yet mobo specs are pretty basic and I barley see any info?

Same applies to CPU’s, how can you know a CPU will cause a bottleneck?
Is performance tied to frequency? Or cores/threads?

Thanks for any help
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5 years ago | 2016. 04. 03. 11:28:39
yep nice one
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5 years ago | 2016. 04. 03. 09:44:26
hh @AlyesRock Nice one ;)
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5 years ago | 2016. 04. 03. 02:21:12
ha right overclock yourself ! XD

it's just a prank.. fools :P
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5 years ago | 2016. 04. 02. 21:08:20
XD yeah Let Nvidia GPUS drink :)!!!
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5 years ago | 2016. 04. 02. 19:09:35
NVIDIA - dear Gamers, before run any upcoming games on your system , u need a nvidia gtx energy drink for best performance XD:P

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