Nioh: Complete Edition coming to PC
by SamX, 2017. October 04., news

A very interesting PS4 exclusive role-playing game called "Nioh" is no longer an exclusive. Yeah, it's coming out soon for PC! And it's not only the base game which we're going to get, we'll get a Complete Edition of Nioh. Which includes the base game with all of the DLC expansions (namely: Dragon of the North, Defiant Honour, Bloodshed's End) in a convenient package. When is this releasing? next month; to be more precise, November 7, 2017.

Nioh: Complete Edition will feature two different visual modes: i)Action Mode, ii)Movie Mode. The first one will allow the user to experience Nioh's gameplay in stable 60 FPS. While the latter will enable us to appreciate its "stunning high-end" graphics in the glory of 4K. However, it is apparently not possible to have both (i.e. no 4K @60FPS support).

Anyway, it'll require some serious horsepower to decently run this game. Minimum requirements ask for a GTX 780. So, just imagine the amount of performance necessary for 4K 60FPS, not many PCs could do that. Here are the full requirements.

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Comments: 4
Skyler avatar
1 year ago | 2017. 10. 09. 11:31:13
3GB GPU minimum! We'll see the optimization yet! (Some of us on YT) XD
AlyesRock avatar
1 year ago | 2017. 10. 05. 21:47:01
yeah! XD
BestKiller avatar
1 year ago | 2017. 10. 05. 06:24:27
Well the same im interested also :D
He look familar to The Witcher 3
AlyesRock avatar
1 year ago | 2017. 10. 04. 21:09:27
good news, :D i watched the gameplay this game looks nice! :)

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